Monday, 22 December 2008

Wiki My Weekend

Myself, the boy and a select few friends are going to Edinburgh for a long weekend at the festival in August 2009.

In the spirit of adventure I have decided to ditch the guidebook for this trip (this from a woman who once took two Lonely Planets and a Rough Guide for two days in Berlin) and rely entirely on mobile internet (note to self: get some form of mobile internet before the festival) and recommendations.

With that in mind I've created a customisable Gmap with the intention of using it as a guide to bars, clubs, restaurants and sites of interest. Obviously, I don't know where to go - although I have gathered some information from the Guardian travel website - so I'd be extremely grateful if you could add your recommendations (or condemnations), preferably with a picture, relevant URL and a short summary.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the map.

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Please try and keep consistency with my symbols:
  • Pub/bar - a cocktail glass
  • Restaurant - a knife and fork
  • Club - a dancing man - in my mind anyway - why is there no universally recognised symbol for club?!
  • Site of interest/museum - a camera
  • Venue/theatre - comedy/tragedy masks
Although, obviously, if you find something uncatagorizable, feel free to add your own.

Once the festival line-up is announced I'll start looking at ways of collaborating on our schedule of what to see, so kudos in advance to the person who persuades me to see any kind of musical theatre.

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