Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Half a Rant, Half a Rave

There are people I love working with and there are people I hate working with and without fail the people I love working with are the people who like their jobs.

Yesterday I went to a meeting with a company whose employees clearly loved working there, were brimming over with ideas and loved hearing new ones, then I discussed our ideas with a colleague who also enjoys what he does and he enthused further and embraced the ideas and gave me the tools to push them forward. In the space of an afternoon I felt like we'd revitalised our relationship with a client, refreshed an event that was in danger of getting lost amid our hectic schedules and restored a bit of my own faith in my ability to make ideas happen, simply becuase of other people.

Put simply, if the people around me didn't love their jobs, then neither would I.

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