Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I am reliably informed that I have traffic, which is news to me since I thought the only one who read this was the boy (since I'm the only one who reads his).

Big up yourselves - I hereby resolve to keep this going for at least one more month in your honour.

Obviously this should be somewhat encumbered by work and home duties but given that I started decorating my bedroom last month and have so far managed to strip only one wall, yet I have spent at least three hours of my working day today online looking for a very specific type of green, retro-future wallpaper I'd say we don't have to worry too much on that front.

If I had a lot of money and the ability to make decisions this is where I would buy my wallpaper.


minifig said...

I'm traffic! And I've been on like other blogs and stuff before. I'm like z-list bloggerati me.

And that wallpaper is cool. If only:

1) I could afford it in the first place and
2) I could afford the many, many extra rolls I would need due to the ones I would fuck up trying to put them up

...I would buy some.

Voices From The Below said...

Your blog's even in my RSS, that's how on the cutting edge of the zeitgeist you are.

Also, I steal quite a lot from you :)

minifig said...

Genius steals, as they say :o)