Monday, 24 March 2008


There are several reasons why I am at Norwich Airport, none of which reflect particularly well on me so we'll not dwell overly on them. Anyway, since it now appears I am going to be stuck in the departures "lounge" of Norwich Airport for at least another two hours it seems I have been dealt my karmic hand in a fairly direct way.

To kill the time I have set myself a mission to see how much time I can kill by utilising all of the facilities laid on for me in the departures "lounge" of Norwich Airport. In order for you get a feeling for what we're dealing with here,it might be worth noting that the departures board currently lists my flight and four other flights, all to "Oil Platforms".
So far I have:
  • Charged my mobile phone using some sort of clunky locker system which also appears to charge iPods and Blackberries (as if anyone with a Blackberry has ever been to Norwich Airport).
  • Bought some perfume and promptly taken it back when I realised I have to pay duty on this flight and it's probably cheaper in Debenhams.
  • Sneaked into the Executive Lounge. This was not hard, it was guarded by a nice lady who asked me if I had a pass. I said yes. She let me in.
  • Had a coffee and read the Daily Star in the Executive Lounge. Realised that was the extent of the executive lounge's pleasures, got up to leave. Nice lady asked me to show her my pass.
  • Got chucked out of the Executive Lounge (although I maintain a quit).
  • Had a coffee in the coffee place.
  • Had a beer in the bar.
  • Played with a small Dutch child.
  • Paid £6 for an hour's internet access.
That's it. That's all there is to do.

I have also read this very funny bit of funny, courtesy of my friend from school, Thom.

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minifig said...

Yay for friends from school!

Nice to see you blogging m'dear :o)