Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cheap and beautiful

I'm usually immune to such things but for the last two years I've been buying this very good, but very expensive product:

It's great, it makes my skin feel amazing, banishes the dreaded "body spots", the smell relaxes me and it leaves my skin smelling sexy for days. But it costs over a tenner for a pot that lasts a few months.

So, in the interests of my own personal credit crunch (what do you mean I can't borrow any more money? When did this happen?) I've been experimenting with replicating it. Well, I say experimenting. I mean experiment. It took me exactly 5 minutes to replicate the product exactly. And the ingredients cost about £2.50. I'm feeling so unbelievably smug I'll replicate the recipe here:

Sunflower oil
Table salt
Scent (I hesitate to use the phrase homo therapy) oils to preference

Mix half a cup of the oil with a cup of the salt
Stir to form a thick paste, about toothpaste consistency
Add the oils - I used a few drops each of lavender and sandalwood but you could use eucalyptus or citrus if you wanted something more energising or tea tree if you have skin problems

That's it! Like I say I'm feeling very smug. Not least because it means I've broken the hold of yet another unnecessary, overpriced item of consumption. And I smell lovely!

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