Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Currently Reading 13.08.08

Well, read, technically, since I stayed up stupidly late last night. It's a very easy read and classic Richard & Judy's Book Club fodder but thoroughly enjoyable, none the less. I do wonder whether the setting (Afghanistan) makes it feel like a bit more of a worthy read that it is. I suspect that, were it set in Surrey, it would have more of a Joanna Trollope feel, although, to my knowledge there has been no soviet invasion or fundamentalist Muslim uprising in Dorking in the last few years.

A "boy" book this one (as you would expect from a book about Navy mine clearance), but it comes on the recommendation of a friend and is, so far, enjoyable enough. It adds, as I expected it would, to my firmly held conviction that ALL divers are thoroughly nice, bloody funny people.

Vonnegut season starts soon - I'm going to put in my Amazon order today...

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