Monday, 25 August 2008

Boy Friends

Most of my friends are boys. My best friend is a boy. These are some things I don't like about spending as much time as I do with boys:

  • Being laughed at for being scared of anything, ever.
  • Conversations about Star Trek.
  • Being corrected, constantly.
  • Advice that bears no relation to the problem in hand.
  • Seeing lots of cool t-shirts which I could never wear.
  • The constant assertion that there are "no funny female stand-up comics".
  • Being told I can't cook.
  • Being expected to cook.
  • Getting told I am going to a gig "like, now" and not being allowed to get changed, have dinner, brush my teeth etc.
  • The look of pride that most boys sport when they've been particularly obnoxious about women in general in front of one another.
  • The refusal to admit that might just be better than them at...well, anything, really.
  • Realising that real people actually want to have sex with Paris Hilton.

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