Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Designer Wellies

Oh it's wrong, oh it's so so wrong, wronger than personalised number plates or expensive handbags but, oh, I want some Hunter wellies.


Mike said...


I noticed that you've mentioned Hunter boots in your blog entry entitled "rain rain, go away :(". I work on the website for Hunter Boot Ltd in the UK and I've put a link to your blog on our website - I hope this is ok. You can view the link at http://www.hunter-boot.com/HunterLife/HunterOnTheWeb.aspx?pid=26.

Please do get in touch if you would like me to amend the link to your blog, or alternatively if you'd like to link back to us reciprocally I'd be very grateful.

Hunter Boot UK

Mike said...

Whoops - sorry, I've been writing to a few people today and I got your blog post title wrong. I of course meant your blog entitled "Designer Wellies". Sorry! :)

Mike @ Hunter Boot Ltd

Robert said...

Hunters are the best.... they look so smart, even when the sun is shining..... Mike, do you have some special deals for those of us who just love Hunters?