Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Popular Mispronunciations

It is often argued that I pronounce many words wrong but that's because I am a southerner in a strange and dark land.

Popular mis-sayings in my unit include the American pronunciation of route (evidently, especially annoying to someone who works with computers and for whom the word router is used on a daily basis), "storry" (to be used when one is secretly not sorry at all), ninanet (which originated from my friend Nina being especially knowledgeable), Longdong (for London - puerile but enjoyable when slipped into polite conversation) and jism (for saying to a particularly obnoxious bus driver as you leave the bus, hoping that he'll realise that you're not saying cheers mate and sort his act out). Oh and, of course, Shitswich.

I'm sure I will remember some more and add them.

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