Thursday, 27 March 2008

Fantasy Holidays I Will Probably Never Go On Part 2

I am gratified that no tour company seems to offer the exact itinerary I would like for this one. I suspect that this may because the two constituent parts are dependent on (different) seasons but I'm allowing it to make me feel special.

Anyway, if I could somehow combine Black Tomato's Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the trip Aurora Adventure I could die a happy girl.

I've been obsessed with the Northern Lights since well before I read the Philip Pullman trilogy of books, which only served to deepen my interest. Maybe it's coming from the flat lands of East Anglia where the skies are endless - I'm a gazer and could happily spend hours watching a storm approach or the sun fall.

I've also heard amazing reports about the diving in Iceland's interior. The water is all mountain run-off and, evidently, is so clear that divers frequently abort descents because of vertigo. The upside of this is visibility of over 30m (probably the best in the world) and the opportunity to see amazing underwater geological landscapes that are largely uncharted.

I will wear metallic black eyeliner in dark, dank clubs then fly in the water and wonder at the dancing sky.


minifig said...

I don't know if you've seen March Of The Penguins, but the footage of the southern lights is one of the best bits of the film, and they managed to hold off from putting some comedy accompanying music, which helped, too.

I'd love to see the aurora. 'twould be amazing, I'm sure.

Voices From The Below said...

Don't add another level of complication to my travel plans!

Although I do feel a Fantasy Holidays I Will Probably Never Go On Part 3 coming on involving penguins and whale watching in South Africa...