Thursday, 27 March 2008


I am increasingly obsessed with wall decals. Here are some sites:

Adzif also sell photo decals which are a bit naif for my taste but a nice idea, nonetheless.
Bilk who, brilliantly, create decals from Threadless, the online-community-based t-shirt company, as well as inviting guest artists to create designs
Ferm Living
Ugly Home who also sell fucking sexy wallpaper and tiles

Oh, and I think I found my wallpaper - Scandnavian Design Centre


minifig said...

Yay! These look really cool. I think I might have to purchase some for the new flat. Yum.

Voices From The Below said...

New flat? Details!!

minifig said...

I've facebooked you the info...

Voices From The Below said...
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